For 1196, 1295 and Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) Kits

  1. All dies are interchangeable with the Brooks Tech Vulcanizing O-Ring Kits. All models vulcanize standard and custom extruded cord stock, available in Viton*, Silicone, Buna-N, EPDM and Neoprene rubber compounds. Compatible Viton* fluroelastomer (model #1304) and liquid adhesives are available for each material to be bonded.
  2. For the most consistent results use quality materials extruded from virgin Mil Spec standards. Brooks Tech is able to supply your quality cord needs.
  3. All die are sized to industrial cord tolerances. The cord sections to be bonded must not be loose in the die. To accommodate tolerance variations, shims of parchment paper cut to fit the die slot cross section may be used.
  4. Cut cord with a sharp oil free tool.
  5. ADHESIVES must be applied to both cord ends and allowed to dry before placing cord in the die. Exception: Silicone paste adhesive is ONLY applied to one end of the cord.
  6. Spliced “Bitter” ends should be matched face to face in the die and press fitted against an outside clamping rail; followed by the other outside rail. Tighten the center rail last to hold the spliced sections face to face.
  7. The ATC kit is a digitally controlled heater and timer, to be set by the user. Silicone bonds at 350º for 15 minutes then cool on low for 8 minutes. Viton, Buna, EPDM, and Neoprene bonds at 315 º to 325º range for 13 minutes, low 7 minutes.
  8. Heating with Parchment paper helps for removal of cord from die.
  9. Use only an “ASTI pull test” to verify bond. Do Not bend or peel the splice!
  10. All liquid adhesives contain UN volatiles and MUST be refrigerated to afford a practical shelf life. Brooks Tech Viton (1304) provided with the kit will last on the shelf, until combined, at temperatures that will not cause evaporation.